‘The Vent’ is a visual diary comprised of drawings and a collection of quotes that directly speak to personal feelings of unresolved anger and resentment. A lot of those feelings stem from the underlying societal expectation that anger should be sublimated or otherwise ignored especially by women. The idea that anger breeds harm focuses on the outcomes of displaced anger, which by all means, is correct. However anger at injustice, oppression and unfair circumstances has to have the space to be expressed for the sake of personal freedom, societal change and improvement. This project is an exploration of difficult emotions and even though they can be visceral and ugly they can and should be given the space to exist and be expressed especially within and through the most underprivileged of women.

The feelings explored are such of rage, resentment, grief, sadness and hopelessness — because these feelings can easily be categorized as harmful and destructive I decided that the best way to explore them would be as I know them myself, as a twenty two year old white woman living in Canada. Throughout the period this work was done I went through immense personal turmoil, and felt it most urgent to express myself through this work, in other words these drawings were done in periods where I felt the need to let myself free of grief, sadness or rage; hence the title “The Vent.”
I have to also admit that this is something I did for myself however if it can communicate towards you or any woman reading this please do not hesitate to reach out to me here and let me know, it would be my greatest pleasure to hear from you!