The Orders

The objective was to research and design a book about an architectual style and how it has progressed over the years. Having grown up in Greece myself I thought it would be amazing to research further on the famous Doric, Ionic and Corinthian column styles which we so frequently see in public official buildings or even decorating houses. In this book I incorporate both my design and illustration skills, using harsh brush strokes against the very orderly and grid-obeying text. When I created this, I wasn’t too keen on grids however this project helped me familiarize myself and get more comfortable using them.

The second part consisted of making posters that further continue the theme of the book but also, in a sense, represent it. These posters were meant to be powerful and of really large size so attention to detail was very important. I illustrated all three order styles in the same brush technique I’ve done throughout the book and framed them in a way which makes them look great, theatrical and perhaps dramatic - representing a hint of ancient Greek theater.