The Orders

A short informative book exploring architectural columns of ancienct Greece.
book & poster design
InDesign & Photoshop

Place of the Heart

A personal project on the locations/people that make us feel “at home”.
interactive book design & illustration
InDesign & Photoshop

Book Cover Design

Cover explorations for Emily Bronte’s poem “To Imagination”

Prints, cutouts and calligraphy put under a scanner
Digital art combined with handwritten calligraphy

Dust Jacket Iterations for Fiction Book

Layout created on InDesign, illustrations on Procreate, and edits on Photoshop.

Miscellaneous Client Work

Social media content and logo done for paralegal company.
Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator

Business card design for independed business owner.
Design & Illustration on Photoshop.

Logo development and design for construction company.